Telco relocation design and management

Relink Consulting are industry leading experts in coordinating relocations of existing telecommunication infrastructure across various projects, including greenfield subdivisions as well as road and major infrastructure projects. We work closely with all major telecommunications carriers and utilize these relationships to provide unique streamlines solutions for every project.

Over the past 10 years, we have successfully delivered medium to large relocation projects, working collaboratively with telco delivery partners, civil consultants, electrical engineers, civil contractors, and developers. We pride ourselves in delivering projects within time and budget while upholding high quality service to our clients.


Project Feasibility

Our team assess your upcoming project to provide a detailed report to highlight existing and potentially affected telco assets. Whether its for single or multiple carriers such as NBN, Optus, Telstra or Opticomm we leverage our industry knowledge to provide high level costing/concept design to achieve a budget estimate for your upcoming relocation project.


Relink will lodge a same day application and drive the process with the telecommunications authority, our team will meet on site with the carrier and its numerous sub-contractors to ensure the most competitive quote is received ASAP.

Design – pit & pipe design for the most cost effective solution

Relinks design process ensures telecommunications authorities and developers civil requirements are met to ensure reduced risk of site delays and additional cost. Our design highlights potential clashes against the existing and proposed telco with all other services, asset offsets and vertical levels are closely coordinated with your project team. In 2D or 3D formats(ideal for clash detection) our team can design for projects such as;

  • Underground and Overhead Asset Relocation
  • Overhead to underground design
  • Asset Upgrade
  • Asset Removal
  • Backhaul Design and Relocation
  • Asset lowering
  • Asset Protection


Relinks management team utlitlises their expertise to coordinate telco sub-contractors and clients civil contractors through stringent milestone management, site issue resolution, site meetings and regular site audits.

We maintain a constant presence on our projects and always maintain the first point of call when any issue arises.


Our construction teams prides themselves on our safe working method in order to undertake relocation projects with reduced risk to existing networks. This method reduces cost and timeframes significantly and is available with certain carriers and projects.

Asset Detailing & As-Built

During construction relocated assets are picked up and reflected on a detailed 2D or 3D as-built to ensure the build or its proposed on-site changes reflect correct design requirements. The as-built is made available for all parties for any future planning or review works.