For telco carriers

Our design and project management team deliver telecommunications solutions for multi-story residential, greenfield developments, road infrastructure and commercial developments.

We manage telco carrier applications, carrier side design and coordination with internal services as well as onsite project and compliance management, offering unlimited site visits from installation until project completion.


Pit & Pipe Designs (Subdivisions/Backhaul)

Relink provided pit and pipe designs are coordinated against all other proposed and existing services to mitigate site issues and costly project delays. We will directly engage in design negotiations with all project stakeholders including relevant authorities, we ensure the best design solution for our clients and the project overall.

Fibre Designs

Designs prepared as per private carrier standards and project requirements, achieved within a quick timeframe. Relink will work closely with the telco carrier to ensure efficiency in P&P designs, which will be translated in the subsequent fibre designs/schematics.

MDU Pathway Designs

Multi-level developments telecommunication pathway designs prepared in conjunction with all architectural and services plans. Relink will liaise with off and onsite contacts in determining the best pathway solution for the dynamic range of multilevel developments.

Off/On Site Project Management

Relink provides project management solutions for both onsite and offsite activities such as:

  • Design Coordination with project team;
  • Scheduling of works (P&P install/road crossings/fibre reticulation/pathway construction)
  • Stringent audits to ensure telco assets are installed as per the plans provided;
  • Onsite resolution as required.

Pit & Pipe As-built plans

Conversion of telecommunication pit and pipe/pathway designs into approved as built plans, with any changes occurred onsite are depicted and ready for submission to local authorities and project stakeholders. Relink also offers asset detail and supporting as-builts as required.