Raising the industry standard

With over 10 years of experience in telecommunications, civil and road infrastructure industries, Relink Consulting are experts in achieving a tailored telecommunications design and management package that bridges the gap between project stakeholders and telco carriers.

Relink Consulting has successfully designed and managed medium to large scale land development and road infrastructure projects. These projects include new NBN and private telco carrier pit and pipe infrastructure, relocation of existing telecommunications assets and internal pathway design and management for Medium or High Density Residential and Commercial developments.

We pride ourselves in delivering all our projects on time and on budget by collaborating closely with telco carriers and project stakeholders, ensuring their requirements are satisfied early on. We achieve this through initial project review and negotiations, coordinated design and diligent on/off site project management for new telco infrastructure or relocation of existing telco assets.

Streamlined Process, Strong Outcomes

Our Relocation Process

We proudly transformed a once lengthy and formidable relocation process into a fast and simple method. We understand that the existing telecommunications can cause lengthy delays and substantial additional costs to your project no matter the size. To reduce this uncertainty Relink bridges the gap between developers and telecommunications carriers, our process ensures both parties achieve their desired outcomes.

Our aim is to ensure our clients do not compromise in costs or timeframes in order to maintain the telco relocation requirements.


Project Feasibility

Concept planning and budget estimates


Most competitive quote achieved as fast as possible.


Whether its 3D or 2D our design reduces risk, is highly coordinated and cost focused.


Stringent project management and solutions/audit based construction management to mitigate risk and achieve required timeframes.


Our construction team will construct on time and at a greatly reduced cost.


Asset detailing and as-built to QA the build and is available for any future requirements.